A view of the Seaside of Gal Da Val Island

The Central Control Area is the third stage found in Episode 2 of Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II. After successfully graduating from the hunter exams, the player is recruited by the Lab to begin investigations on the isolated Gal Da Val Island, located south of the Central Dome, in an effort to find Deputy Commander Heathcliff Flowen.

Due to recent circumstances surrounding the Pioneer 1 incident, the security systems on the island have been armed. The devices used to unlock each area are scattered in three specific points around the island; thus the player is tasked with exploring the island, eliminating any resistance from the mutant wildlife and rampaging security robots, and unlocking the main gate that leads into the abandoned facility.


The Central Control Area is split into four separate routes: the Seaside, Jungle and Mountain Areas, all of which converge near the main gate of the Central Control Area which serves as the general hub of the stage.

Local Wildlife and Other Threats


Tower exclusive enemies (online only)


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