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The Underground Caves

The Caves, also referred to as the "Underground Caves," are the second location visited in Phantasy Star Online: Episode I.


The Caves consists of Caves 1, Caves 2, Caves 3 and the Underground Channel. While the Caves as a whole is a larger and more complex area than the Forest, it is still relatively easy to navigate through. This area is notable from introducing both hidden and visible traps, as well as doors that require multiple buttons to open. In multiplayer, these doors require multiple people to step on floor buttons at the same time to open.

Caves 1 is located just beneath the surface of the Forest. It is a dark, dreary place with occasional paths that run alongside glowing lava flowing freely through the innards of the planet Ragol. Evil Sharks are among the most common enemies encountered here, as well as the occasional Poison Lily.

Caves 1.png

Caves 2 takes place deeper into the cavern. Despite being an area lower than Caves 1, this area features much brighter colors and bodies of water instead of lava. Arguably one of the most iconic locations here is the waterfall adorned with a bright, colorful rainbow. Its layout is very similar to Caves 1, although flipped vertically. Due to the watery atmosphere of this area and the next, Pofuilly Slimes start to appear from here onward.

Caves 2.png

Caves 3, the final destination before entering the Underground Channel, has many similar features to the previous area. The only exception is that the area is now becoming more mechanical, foreshadowing the next area, the Mines. Caves 3 is the shortest subarea compared to the previous two areas, however, there are several false paths and dead ends, so it can still take some time to navigate through.

Caves 3.png


The iconic waterfall found in Caves 2

The monsters roaming these caverns are unnatural to the environment. The cause of their deformities is due to an injection from a creature created by man, codenamed Beta772. As a result, all monsters in the Caves have the A. Beast attribute.

Normal-Very Hard



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