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"Work with two aspiring hunters in a new VR trial simulation."

Blue Star Memories is a quest which serves as a prologue to the events of Episode III. Here, Nef Miyama's headstrong young disciples, Break and Orland, both wish to prove themselves by undertaking the VR simulation fields designed by their master. Nef decides to make the challenge interesting by having the mysterious player character act as their supervisor.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "I designed a new VR system. I'd like to ask for your assistance in testing this simulation."
Difficulty: Difficult
Length: Very long
Client: Nef
Solo mode only?: Yes

Requirements: None

NPC partners: Break, Orland
Areas visited:

VR Temple Beta, VR Spaceship Beta, VR Temple Final, VR Spaceship Final


Blue Star Memories consists of 3 individual, timed stages and a boss stage all centralized around a hub located in VR Temple Beta. In every area except for the hub, you will be timed and ranked according to how quickly each stage is finished. If anyone becomes incapacitated over the course of the trial, including the player, the quest will end immediately; therefore, it is imperative to always watch the lower leveled trainees' health while also maintaining your own. The stages include:

  • Stage 1: Rush. A classic enemy rush area with small areas designed to allow the enemies to easily flank the party.
  • Stage 2: Labyrinth. A stage designed to be a puzzle. This stage is one of the fastest ones to complete if you keep a close watch on the minimap and follow the path.
  • Stage 3: Darkness. This area is, as its name implies, filled with dark rooms. Each dark room houses a button that, when stepped on, will activate a light that will stay on for as long as the button is pressed.
  • Stage 4: Crimson. The final official stage located in VR Temple Final. It is here that the party will face off against Barba Ray before being evaluated on performance.

If you answered Break and Orland's questions correctly and obtained an A rank on each stage prior to Stage 4, you will be able to see the hidden finale scene in which Break gets abducted by the VR simulation's sudden "glitching." At this moment, you will have 10 minutes to find him somewhere around VR Temple Beta and save him. Once he is found, you will then fight the Gol Dragon as the final boss.


  • Episode III download quests, "Anticipation of the Future" and "Bullet of Future Assassin," depending on the overall rank obtained and answers given during story scenes.
    • Note: this reward was given to players of the original Japanese version of Blue Burst
  • ??? meseta: amount dependent on the overall rank achieved within every stage
    • A rank: 10,000 meseta
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