• Crispix

    Quote box submissions

    July 2, 2016 by Crispix

    Hey der!

    So we're about to include a quote box on the front page as a for fun kinda thing. I'll be adding quotes to buff its assortment of randomness as I think of them.

    If any member has a memorable quote from any of the games that they want included, feel free to leave a message here or on my wall and I'll be sure to add it. Include where it came from, who says what, and any basic context information about the quote. Official sources only; nothing from fan fiction or anything like that. Trying to find fun ways to link to pages that don't get as much love.
    Crispix (talk) 06:08, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Crispix

    Wow, we did it! We have officially went over 1000 pages on this wiki! It's due to all the hard work everyone has been putting in that we have made it this far. I'd like to take this time to spotlight some of our contributors for this year up to this point:

    • SK071
    • SeaTerror
    • Youh722
    • Thatguyfromuae
    • Laban2k
    • Romireton
    • Ichijoe
    • UzumakiClan
    • Mattwo
    • SAMAS
    • Frostare
    • JessB8201

    • GodOfAnine added a ton more information to the Phantasy Star Universe and Ethan Waber pages
    • Flodarien spruced up the Phantasy Star 1st Series Complete Album
    • Laviere_Aurelius rewrote certain sections of the Vivienne page
    • SmartVeney12 expanded the history section of Earthmen
    • Juan.henry.98 began a big project on Phantasy Star Zero pages including creating many monster pages and adding their stats, mo…

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  • Munggo456

    Just a Q and A.

    February 9, 2016 by Munggo456

    Hello guys. i have something to ask you. did you tried multiplayer in Phantasy Star Portable and Phantasy Star Portable 2 using PPSSPP? i just tried connecting my PPSSPP in PC to my PPSSPP android via USB tethering. and i also tried conneting 2 PPSSPP in my PC. the results are quite the same.. in PSP(phantasy star portable), i can see both connected. when i tried to go on a mission, the host will go through the field while the other one still stuck at loading. same result at PSP2. we can see each other at the lobby but we can't go on a mission. i haven't tried connecting to other via Hamachi tho. btw, im a newbie here at the wikia xD.

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  • Wishseeker

    PSO2 help me :P

    September 3, 2013 by Wishseeker

    If someone know why I registered/installed game etc but still can't play tell there :O

    hard to give help when you haven't given any details on the problem so here's some general help:

    Comprehensive game and registration guide:

    Kotaku's registration guide:

    English translation patch:

    hope that gets you somewhere. Sato au (talk) 06:48, September 6, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Sato au


    January 6, 2012 by Sato au

    been cleaning up a mess of stub weapon pages and merging everything in one coherant weapons article. now standard weapon info can be accessed from a single page making comparisons easier, though rare weapons each have their own page because they are more unique. i've also gotten rid of the ton of templates to make it all less confusing, so instead of everything having its own template, everything will be accessable from a single template. i'm aiming for a maximum of 3 clicks to get anywhere, though i think i'll be able to do it in 2, eg from "red slicer" click template to "forest" click page link to "dragon".

    next project (once i'm finished with the new PSO template!) is to clean up the mess of other duplicate templates, and merge the many …

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  • Sato au

    after a lot of messing around i think i've got the sidebar images (the picture you see to the left and right of the main page if your screen is wider than the page, ie anyone with horizontal screen resolution great than 1000 pixels) so they display properly for anyone no matter what their setting are, but i can't test for myself since both my computers have the same res.

    if as many people as possible could do me a favour and comment or send me a message with the screen resolution and what you see at the left and right of each page it would really help out!

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  • Sato au

    Colour scheme change

    November 9, 2011 by Sato au

    I recently changed the colour scheme from the standard plain white with black text to the way it is now.

    1. all phantasy star games feature white text in dark blue textboxes
    2. the game has a space kind of feel to it, making a darker background more appropriate
    3. while there might be some contrast issues with images, i think they can be fixed with borders

    this is just what i came up with, TBH i'm not 100% happy with it myself. i'd like to know what others think, so please give your objections (including reasons, just plain "i don't like it" is not at all helpful) or suggestions!


    discovered that the dark blue background was going to make it too hard to use images properly, since it's very hard to find pictures set against and blended into a trans…

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