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"Won't open? Is the mechanism broken? Let me take care of it. [Opens door] See? I have the knack."
— Bernie in Gran Squall

Bernie (Japanese: バーニィ) is RAmar from Phantasy Star Online. A heavy thinker and occasional joker, he is an important side character that the player meets early on in the Forest.


Though another NPC full of mystery, in the end it turns out that Bernie is one of the good guys. The player first meets him in the quest Gran Squall, in which he is hunting for a survivor of the shuttle crash. He seems impressed with you as a fighter, and continues to periodically show up in later quests to offer cryptic advice. In truth, it seems like Bernie is doing the same thing you are: investigating just what happened to Pioneer I and trying to learn the secrets of Ragol. Bernie's story does not end happily, however. In the end we learn that all Bernie was doing was helping his friend, "Great Sword" Zoke Miyama, in Zoke's investigations of Ragol. Zoke and Bernie are both overwhelmed by the Ruins monsters and die.

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