Attack Power (abbreviated as "ATP" or referred to as simply "Attack") is a recurring stat in the Phantasy Star series. ATP gauges the raw strength of the player and is used to determine damage.

Starting from Phantasy Star Online 2, the ATP stat has been replaced by the ATK stat.

Phantasy Star Online

ATP measures how much melee and range damage a character can deal in combat. The higher the ATP stat, the higher the damage dealt. Hunters have the highest ATP potential out of characters in the game, and the stat is also used to determine which Hunter weapons can be used.

ATP can be increased through equipping weapons and armor that give ATP bonuses, through levelling up (though the ATP increase depends on the character), or through the use of Power Materials.

Some varieties of equipment grant a bonus to ATP when equipped. Weapons are the most prominent example of this. Some, such as the normal mechgun or saber, carry only a small bonus; whereas some weapons, such as Orotiagito and God Hand have large ATP bonuses.

Also, ___/Power units add ATP when equipped in the unit slot.

Mags, if raised with a POW stat, will grant 2 points towards ATP per POW level.

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