Attack Accuracy (often called "Accuracy" or abbreviated to "ATA") is a stat featured in the Phantasy Star series between Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. It is the antithesis of Evasion, is a stat that determines how accurate a character's attacks are against monsters. Unsuccessful attacks will deal no damage, cause no recoil, and the words "MISS" will appear instead of damage numbers. Against monsters with higher Evasion, it may be difficult to land a hit without a decent ATA. Rangers have, by default, the most ATA potential out of characters in the game.

This stat was removed from Phantasy Star Online 2 onwards due to the removal of the chance for attacks to miss outside of the Mirage/Blind status.


Most weapons give ATA bonuses, most notably guns. ATA is also the stat that determines which Ranger weapons can be used and which cannot; all guns carry an ATA requirement to be equipped.

Mags will only give ATA bonuses if their DEX level has been raised, and it will add 1 point to ATA for every 2 levels of DEX.

Increasing Attack Accuracy

ATA can only be increased through equipping items that give an ATA bonus, or by leveling up. There is no material for ATA.

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