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This page is about the character in Phantasy Star Online 2. For the heroine from the original classic, see Alis Landale.

Alis Landale (Japanese: アリサ=ランディール) is a major character in Phantasy Star Online 2. She made her debut in the series by the game's fifth episode, Heroes: Episode 5, on July 26, 2017.



Alis' bears strong similarities to her original counterpart in the original Phantasty Star series, having long, auburn brown hair, blue eyes and slender body. Her battle wear attire is overhauled with a short, blue inner dress that goes down to her upper thighs, opened in the middle to show her upper body, supported by a pink outer dress with gold linings clad in silver and gold gauntlets. The shoulder plating on her right shoulder is formed as a dragon head and her pink headband is now designed with feathered ornaments. She sports silver greaves with gold plating to match her gauntlets and a white cape across her back. She is always seen carrying her signature Laconium Sword on her person.


Alis is shown as a strong willed individual with a determination to fulfil her role as the Sword Maiden of Cuento. As the Sword Maiden, she takes her role seriously and ensures to maintain neutrality when talking politics as she considers her role to be one that should not influence political ideology. With her role as Maiden, Alis has a level of influence across Cuento and so she would use her influence and demonstrate leadership in time of great peril.

Outside of her role as the Maiden, she's a caring individual and will do anything she can to support those who she cares for, even if the person has become corrupted with Ephemera, such as what happened with her uncle. However, when she sees clear injustice from any individual, she shows a strong sense of morality and justice and would oppose any who would cause harm to the people of Cuento, even if it meant going against her position of neutrality. Even when fear begins to take her over, she will take action when needed in order to achieve her goal.


During the events of Omega, the Sword Maiden was first mentioned by both Luther and Hariette as someone who may be able to turn the tides of battle against the tyrannical ruler of Cuento. Due to the Sword Maiden's influence, they believed that if she saw the injustice delivered by the current king, the Maiden may be swayed to join their rebellion against the tyrant.

Alis would make a full appearance when Lutz, the current corrupted and tyrannical king, would seek council from his own niece, who also happens to be the Sword Maiden of that current era. When Alis stands her ground against Lutz in order to maintain her neutrality, Alis eventually seeks the resistance leaders to understand just what exactly has caused the conflict to escalate to begin with. She travels to the resistance base to meet with Hariette and Luther, and from here she is also introduced to the Guardian and their fairy companion, Xiera. As the group discuss how Lutz's reliance on Ephemera is strongly corrupting his mind, Alis eventually sees the actions of Lutz and breaks her neutrality to side with the resistance to take on her corrupted uncle.

When the resistance, assisted by the Guardian, defeat the Castrum Demonica Lutz had summoned, Lutz retreats to the throne room of Cuento Castle and attempts to persuade Alis to join his side. Alis, however, has seen much of Lutz's corruption and remains with the opposition. With Lutz desperate to wipe out his enemies, he uses Ephemera in an attempt to destroy them, including Alis. However, Lutz instead accidentally ends his own life when debris from the castle falls and Alis could do nothing to save him. As Castle Cuento continues to collapse, she uses her Laconium Sword in order to escape the castle through instant teleportation, leading them to safety.

Alis would later be seen preparing to take on the oncoming threat of the Crimson Fellwyrm which spawned on Castle Cuento and threatens to endager the country with its destructive power. While the Guardian is away on their mission in Weyland, Hariette and Luther assist Alis in felling the Crimson Menace, with Alis utilising her power as the Sword Maiden in an attempt to seal away the dragon. However, her seal fails to subdue the dragon to the influence of Ephemera constantly providing the Menace with a seemingly endless supply of mana, allowing the Crimson Menace to heal itself. When Alis and everyone present at Castle Cuento attempt to figure out a way to defeat the Fellwyrm, it speaks in the voice of Lutz; the corrupted former king having merged his soul with the dragon to stay alive. Fortunately, the Guardian arrives to help with the battle against the Fellwyrm and eventually the Crimson Menace is sealed away by Alis, thus fulfilling her role as Sword Maiden, and at the same time, freeing her uncle's spirit from the grasp of the ephemera. Alis thanks the Guardian and everyone who helped and continues to watch over Castle Cuento in case the Crimson Menace rises again.

After much time passes as the Guardian continues their journey across Omega, eventually a large, ominous flower would appear over the waters near Cuento and Alis would leave her post to help the people of Cuento evacuate along with the Queen of Epyk, Margareta. With Hariette captured by Elmir, a personification of Dark Falz, Alis and Margareta take it upon themselves to lead the people of Cuento to safety by evacuating them to Epyk. Once the evacuation has finished, Alis would lend her power to the Guardian by helping the Guardian wipe out incoming Supernaturals and Falspawn that attempt to stop the Guardian from reaching the flower. Her Laconium Sword reacts strongly to the enemy as the source of power coming from the flower is the same power that caused the Crimson Fellwyrm to rise. With her abilities unhindered, she unleashes a barrage of attacks to clear the path to the flower for the Guardian.

Alis would continue to take on both Supernaturals and Falspawn until eventually, the Guardian is successful in saving Hariette from Elmir's grasp. Alis would be seen later on greeting both Hariette and the Guardian after they return from the conflict. She bears witness to Hariette's ascendancy and bids farewell to the Guardian when events in Omega finally concludes.


Alis makes a direct appearance in the following story quests in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Episode 5
Lutz the Irate Premier Cuento's Future
Alis the Sword Maiden Crimson Fellwyrm Awakened
Alis' Resolve To Hunt the Crimson Fellwyrm
The End of Lutz The People of Cuento Take Refuge
Calamity Engulfing the World For a Friend
The Role of a Sword Maiden The Legendary Savior


  • On PSO2 Station #10, it was mentioned that the people inhabiting Omega are "characters who’ve 'left' Oracle, and characters from other Phantasy Star games."[2]


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