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This page is about the character in Phantasy Star. For the Maiden of the Sword in Phantasy Star Online 2, see Alis Landale (Omega).

"I will make sure that my brother died not in vain! Watch over and protect me Nero!"
— Alis vowing to avenge her fallen brother in the prologue

Alis Landale (Japanese: アリサ・ランディール), known as Alisa in the Japanese version, is the heroine of the first millennium, saving the Algo star system from the evil influence of Dark Falz.


Alis and Myau

Alis holding Myau


Alis wears a pink dress with short sleeves. In most depictions, she wears a purple chest plate and shoulder pads with gold detailing. In others, she is seen wearing green armor with gold details. She wears a matching pair of gauntlet style bangles on her wrists and light yellow tights with long white boots. She has auburn brown hair styled with a pink headband. Her sword is tinted silver or blue.


Alis is shown to be determined and headstrong primarily in her mission to reclaim her brother's honor and saving Algo. She is shown to be caring by helping Myau find Odin and recovering him from Medusa's curse.



Alis tearfully listens to her brother's final words.

Early Life[]

Little is known of Alis' early life aside from the fact that her parents were killed and she was orphaned, causing her older brother Nero to care for her and himself.

Phantasy Star[]

At the age of fifteen, Alis sees her brother joining a revolutionary group. But her brother is killed by King Lassic's Robot-Cops. Alis finds her brother and in his dying breath, he asks her to try to discover Lassic's plans. As he dies, she swears to avenge his death.

Alis sets out on her mission, and meets and befriends Myau the musk cat, Odin the warrior and Lutz the Esper. Her mission changes from revenge to saving Algo as she travels through the Algo solar system.

Psii dream

Alis as she appeared in the dreams of Rolf.

Phantasy Star II[]

Long after her death, she appears in the dreams of her descendant Rolf, fighting the first Dark Force, before he begins his quest to defeat the second millennium's rebirth of the Dark Force.

Phantasy Star IV[]


Alis appears in a flashback of Algo's history.

It is here that is revealed Alis' family name - Landale. Visiting the town of Termi, Chaz Ashley comes across a statue of the heroine 'Alis Landale'. Since both her father and brother were killed in the first millennium, it is likely that the family name was not passed on to Alis' descendants.

Alis also appears to Chaz when he ventures to find Elsydeon, the ultimate sword. As Chaz touches the sword, memories of all the previous Protectors of Algo come to him telling him of his mission and giving him guidance - including Alis.

Gameplay Data[]


Alis is proficient with wielding swords and sabers into battle.

Image Name Stats Price Acquisition
PSIShortSword Short Sword
+4 ATK 30 Ps1 ages meseta icon Paseo
PSIIronSword Iron Sword
+12 ATK 75 Ps1 ages meseta icon Parolit
PSITitaniumSword Titanium Sword
+21 ATK 320 Ps1 ages meseta icon Parolit
PSICeramicSword Ceramic Sword
+31 ATK 1,120 Ps1 ages meseta icon Parolit
PSILightSaber Light Saber
+46 ATK 2,980 Ps1 ages meseta icon Uzo
PSILaconianSword Laconian Sword
+60 ATK Forgotten Island Tower


Alis can wear a wide range of armor and shields to protect her in combat.

Image Name Stats Price Acquisition
PSILeatherCloth Leather Armor
レザークロス (Leather Cloth)
+5 DEF 28 Ps1 ages meseta icon Scion
PSILightSuit Light Suit
+15 DEF 290 Ps1 ages meseta icon Scion
PSIZirconiaMail Zirconian Armor
ジルコニアメイル (Zirconia Mail)
+30 DEF 1,000 Ps1 ages meseta icon Scion
PSIDiamondArmor Diamond Armor
+60 DEF 15,000 Ps1 ages meseta icon Paseo
PSILeatherShield Leather Shield
+3 DEF 30 Ps1 ages meseta icon Camineet
PSIIronShield Iron Shield
+15 DEF 520 Ps1 ages meseta icon Camineet
PSICeramicShield Ceramic Shield
+23 DEF 1,400 Ps1 ages meseta icon Camineet
PSILaserBarrier Laser Shield
レーザーバリア (Laser Barrier)
+30 DEF 4,800 Ps1 ages meseta icon Abion
PSILaconianShield Laconian Shield
+50 DEF Laconian Shield Cave


Alis has a basic offensive spell in the form of fire however she is not as proficient in spells as Lutz and Myau are. Instead, she focuses on mitigation abilities to stun the enemy or speak with them in order to learn information, and mobility spells to easily travel to each destination.

Phantasy Star Generation 1
Magic Level Learned Magic Level Learned
Heal Level 4 Heal Level 1
Bye Level 5 Escape Level 1
Chat Level 6 Cure Level 8
Fire Level 12 Bindwa Level ?
Rope Level 14 Teleport Level 16
Fly Level 16 Hypnose Level 20

Other Appearances[]


Phantasy Star gamebook

Phantasy Star Adventure Book[]

Of the three adventure titles published by Futabasha for the Phantasy Star original classics, one of them was a choose your own adventure story about Phantasy Star. Featured on the cover is Alis and her friends in slightly modified costumes.

Depending on the reader's choices, the ending and situations Alis finds herself in could change drastically from the events of the video game. The game books were only published in Japan.



Alis in Segagaga.

One of the main characters from the video game Segagaga is a blonde woman with glasses named Alis that works as a secretary for the Segagaga project.

Near the end of the game, she abandons her secretary disguise along with her agents, Lutz and Odin, and arms herself with a suit of armor, sword, and shield in order to fight against Dogma alongside other Sega members.

Phantasy Star Online 2[]

Ss character09 03

Alis Landale, the Maiden of the Sword

A counterpart of Alis Landale with the same name appears in Phantasy Star Online 2. In this game, she is a descendant of an ancient hero and niece to the tyrannical king, Lutz Cero Ray Cuent. He is the ruler of Cuent, a kingdom situated within the alternate dimension of Omega that exists parallel to that of Oracle.

Sega Heroes[]


Alis as she appears in Sega Heroes.

Alis Landale, along with Lassic, Rolf and Wren, made their debut appearances in the soft launch mobile puzzle game, Sega Heroes, on October 22, 2018.

In this game, Alis is a Legendary Yellow Tank Hero that comes equipped with 3 abilities and is playable after 65/15 shards are collected: Shield Bash, Fire and Warrior's Spirit. The flavor text for each level 1 ability can be found below.

There are 3 ways to unlock her

  1. Arena chest which costs 50 Arena Tokens.
  2. Arena Shop which costs 50 Mega Arena Tokens.
  3. Playing the Legendary Alis Landale event which requires you to bring Rolf, Wren, a Red Tank Hero and a Yellow Controller Hero.
  4. Adam Hunter/Werebear
  5. Shun Akiyama
  6. Knuckles
  7. Largo Potter
  8. ChuPea

Shield Bash: Alis bashes the target with her shield.

  • MAX Skill
  • Mana Cost: 9
  • Creates an 8-turn Shield tile of strength 66.
  • Deals 79 Physical damage plus 42 damage per Shield tile on the board.
  • Available when Hero is unlocked

Fire: Alis conjures a fireball and throws it at her opponent.

  • Star Skill
  • Match:
  • Deals 147 Elemental damage plus 19 damage per Red tile on the board.
  • Then converts up to 5 Red tiles to Yellow.
  • Available when Hero is unlocked

Warrior's Spirit: Alis' determined and headstrong personality make her a fierce warrior.

  • Passive
  • Alis receives -10.00% less damage.
  • When Alis makes a match-5 or greater, she gains Counter for 5 turns.
  • Unlocks when Hero Level reaches: 10
  • Her Traits:
  • Campaign
  • Tank
  • Original
  • Dutiful
  • Virtuous
  • Armed
  • Avenging
  • Mystic


  • According to the official Phantasy Star Collection, Alis is 162cm tall, or about 5′-4″.[1]
  • In the same collection, Alis' Japanese name Alisa is erroneously transliterated Alicer.[1] This is the only known instance of the name Alicer being used to refer to Alis.
  • Alis Landale's full Japanese name was coined by Rieko Kodama for Yasushi Yamauchi's manga sequel, Phantasy Star: Outside Saga.[2]


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