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Alfort Tylor

A powerful figure, admired by other rogues. He doesn't advocate killing needlessly, nor stealing from the poor. He believes in honor and will not betray those close to him. By his tendency to avoid bloodshed, it is clear he doesn't care for violence. However, he will not hesitate in resorting to it when necessary. He is captain of the pirate ship Landeel.

Partner character


Alfort Tylor Return Phantasy Star 2 Portable Infinity

Linna and Tylor (comic)

Linna and Tylor in Shadow of the Arkguard.


Alfort Tylor Concept

Partner card

Alfort Tylor [1]
Race Beast Gender Male
Type Fortefighter (1) Level +5
Card comment I try not to kill
people or rob the
Card requirements Episode 3 Chapter 2[1]
  1. Alfort Tylor's partner card has three requirements: clear Episode 2 Chapter 10 Act 2 then defeat Tylor in Episode 3 Chapter 2 Act 1 then clear Episode 3 Chapter 2 Act 2.


Equipment Name Linked Effect Used during
11★ [2]


[4] [5] Blackheart Rising Strike LV21-30 skill LV1+
4★ [6]


[8] [9] Alseva Palassa Assault Crush LV21-30 skill LV25+
5★ [10]


[12] [13] W'gacan
Resta LV11-20 TECHNIC LV1+
Giresta LV1-10 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
 ?★ [14]


[16] [17]  ?-senba - LV1+
- - - - Vande Val Invincible nanoblast LV20+



Voice Alfort Tylor's voice (unique)
Everyone spread out and attack!
I'm advancing! Cover me, [player]!
Is that the best you can do?
Now show me what you've got!
Too easy!
How's that?
Low LV enemies This should pose no threat!
High LV enemies This will present a challenge!
Cute enemies Be careful. Its strength isn't what you'd expect from looking at it.
Many enemies Their numbers are strong. Don't get careless!
Lost [Player]! Where are you?
Found [Player]! There you are!
Status up Well then... let's crush 'em!
Status down  ?
Burn Ugh...
Freeze  ?
Shock  ?
Confuse W-what? Who's there?
Poison Gah!
Silence Oof...
Stun  ?
Low HP Defend me!
Enemy trap  ?