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This section contains plot or ending details which could spoil the game for those who have not completed it.

The ARKS Ship (Japanese: アークスシップ) is the standard capital ship for Oracle and ARKS.


The ARKS Ship serves as the capital ship for Oracle. The ships are used for exploration, space combat, ship escorting, for carrying other vessels, and acts as living quarters for the Oracle colony.

In the Oracle fleet formation, the ARKS Ships surround the Oracle Mother Ship from all sides to ensure maximum protection.



The ARKS Ship has a dagger-type shape ranging at around 70 kilometers long.


The ARKS ship are equipped with very powerful engines capable of lightspeed and hyperspace travel. The ships are also capable of dimensional travel allowing traverse to different dimensions and universes.


About one million people live in the central dome of the ARKS ship. The insides of the ship is composed of two main sectors: an area for ARKS personnel and a residential area.

ARKS Sector[]

The ARKS sector is mainly used by ARKS personnel, with the exception of some civilian visitors frequenting the sector, along with some civilian stores set up within the sector for ARKS patronage. The ARKS sector composes of a main lobby area that serves as a mission control for delivery and reporting of missions. Outside the main lobby area is the shop area where all stores both ARKS and civilian are located. There are various types of stores within the shop area ranging from ARKS equipment stores, equipment upgrade stores, to places that sell clothing, and places to eat. The shop area is also home to the casino built for ARKS entertainment and stress-relief. As such, the shopping district serves as both an entertainment area and mission preparation area for ARKS personnel.

Living quarters exclusively for ARKS personnel are also located within this sector. The living quarters are apartment building style with suite of rooms forming one's residence. The size, number, and decor of rooms can differ based on an individual ARKS' wealth and rank within the organization.

Residential Sector[]

The residential sector is where all civilians live. The sector is lined with skyscrapers and buildings and houses the majority of the populace within the ARKS ships. Oracle civilians conduct their own daily lives pertaining to work, education, and etc. typically within this sector. ARKS personnel aren't usually seen operating within this sector unless in the case of Falspawn attacks on the ships, to which defense and evacuation of civilians to safe zones are carried out by ARKS.


The first 24 ARKS ships were created in Light History 50 with the establishment of Oracle and ARKS. As time passes, hundreds more ARKS ships were created in response to a growing Oracle colony and need for more combat resources.

List of Known Ships[]

  • Ship01: Feoh フェオ
  • Ship02: Ur ウル
  • Ship03: Thorn ソーン
  • Ship04: Ansur アンスール
  • Ship05: Laguz ラグズ
  • Ship06: Ken ケン
  • Ship07: Geofu ギョーフ
  • Ship08: Wynn ウィン
  • Ship09: Hagall ハガル
  • Ship10: Nauthiz ナウシズ
  • Ship128: Themis


Urgent Quest[]

Story Quest[]

Main Story[]


Advance Quest[]

  • Advance Directive: City Area

Extreme Quest[]

  • Extreme Training: Tundra & Automata
  • Extreme Training: Forest & Dragons
  • Extreme Training: Ruins & Oceanids
  • Extreme Training: Earth & Phantasms
  • Elite Training: Heaven & Earth
  • Elite Training: Tainted Border
  • Elite Training: Madness & Phantasms

Practice Quest[]

  • Photon Arts Fundamentals
  • Technique Fundamentals
  • Hunter Fundamentals
  • Ranger Fundamentals
  • Force Fundamentals
  • Fighter Fundamentals
  • Gunner Fundamentals
  • Techter Fundamentals
  • Braver Fundamentals
  • Bouncer Fundamentals
  • Summoner Fundamentals
  • Measurement Practice: Rockbear


  • The highest numbered ARKS ship shown is #128, the Themis.
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