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2 Sets of Heroes
is a side quest in Phantasy Star Zero. Some time has passed since Sarisa, Kai, Ogi, and the main character have gotten together since defeating Mother Trinity and Dark Falz in the Dark Shrine. When they decide to reunite in the Hunter's Guild with a job assignment, their plans are immediately changed when they notice that the people of Dairon City are acting unusually hostile toward them.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "Let's take the whole crew out like old times! People are staring, though..."
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: Long
Client: Gray
Solo mode only?: Yes
Requirements: Clear story mode
NPC partners: Sarisa, Kai & Ogi (mandatory)
Areas visited: Arca Plant
Basement → Dock Area [1 room] → Main Plant → Central Core [Humilias]


[Boxed words] indicate possible answers the player can give when prompted or any other messages indicated by the game. Written immediately under the selection is what the NPC will say as a result of the player's choice. A space in between the answer and the following paragraph is the universal continuation dialogue for both choices after the choice has taken effect.

(Parenthesis words) describe what is happening in the scene sometimes without it actually being written in the script. If they appear directly after a character's name, they are either thinking to themselves or whispering.

2 Sets of Heroes

(Kai and Sarisa are amused.)
Kai: Hey there, [NAME]. Running late? Preparations eat up your time?
Sarisa: Fine, make fun of me for being prepared.
If I recall, someone else ran out of Monomates that one time...
Kai: Hey, get off my back! Wasn't it you who ran out of Monofluids? Who was panicking then?
Sarisa: That's because you took my items without asking, Kai!

[Break up the two.]

Sarisa: Oh, sorry, [NAME].
Ogi: Kai, too. That's quite enough. You ought to act your age.

[Watch them squabble.]

Ogi: Sarisa, Kai, break it up. Act more mature, will you?

Kai: Come on, Ogi. We were just joshing around. Man, you haven't changed one bit!
Sarisa: You know, it's been a while since all four of us have gotten together for a job.
I'm really looking forward to this.
Kai: Yeah, working with one or two of you is nothing special, but all four of us together is kind of unusual.
It's like a reunion or something. We can catch up while we're on the job.
Ogi: Yes, that would be nice.
Millio: Hey, there he is!

(Millio runs toward Kai.)

Kai: Hey there, kiddos. I'm afraid we can't take you along today.
Millio: Who'd want to go with you?!
Kai: Uh, what?
Millio: I'm never forgiving you for this! You should've never sold my favorite knife at the shop!
Kai: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you saying? What are you talking about?
Millio: Hmph! Yeah, act all innocent! I'm never talking to you again, you rotten jerk!

(Millio storms off.)

Kai: What was that about?
Sarisa: Kai, you didn't really do that, did you?
Kai: Whoa, hold it right there! I don't now a thing about this!
Sarisa: But that little boy was pretty angry with you, Kai. Are you sure you didn't...?

(Just then, Ms. Lindow approaches Sarisa.)

Lindow: I've found you now, Sarisa!
Sarisa: Wah?!
Uh, Ms. Lindow? Did you want something from me?
Lindow: Nothing of the sort. Would you care to explain why you would want to torment the baby Mags?
Sarisa: Torment the Mags?
I beg your pardon?
Lindow: Feigning ignorance is futile. I saw you with my own eyes as you fiddled with our many Mags.
I had believed you to be a trustworthy person, but you have proved me wrong. I am very disappointed in you.

(Lindow walks away.)

Sarisa: Huh? Whaaaaat?!
Ogi: I've heard that Ms. Lindow is in charge of tending to the Mags.
I would imagine her maternal instincts would make her all the more protective of them.
Sarisa, it appears you have crossed a line that should never have been broken.
Sarisa: I haven't done anything like that! What's going on?!
Ogi: I would be inclined to believe you, but with the eye-witness making the accusation, there can be no denying it.
Sarisa, Kai, you both disappoint me. You tarnish our reputations as hunters.

(Old man Ohyo slowly walks toward Ogi.)

Ohyo: Ah, here you are, here you are. I hate to disturb your gathering, but have you a moment, young sir?
Ogi: Ah, yes, sir. What brings you here?
Ohyo: Ogi, was that your name? If you can, I'd like you to reimburse me for the flowers you stole.
Ogi: Sir, I beg your pardon, but have you mistaken me for someone else?
I have no idea what you are talking about and assure you, I am no thief!
Ohyo: I see, I see. Then, so be it. That is all I have to say to you today.
I must say I am rather disillusioned, though. I'd considered you honorable and worthy of trust.

(Ohyo leaves in disappointment.)

Ogi: I don't understand this at all.
Kai: Just to be sure, let me confirm. No one's guilty of the things they've been accused of, are you?
Sarisa: Do you have to ask?
Ogi: That goes for myself, also. If you must, examine my memory circuits for proof.
Kai: I figured as much. Look, we all know that none of us would pull those kinds of shenanigans.
I know I didn't do anything out of line. So what in blazes is going on? Have we got ourselves some impostors or what?
Sarisa: Impostors! That must be it! That has to be the answer!
There are people impersonating us! [NAME], you think so too, don't you?

[Come on, everyone, fess up!]

Sarisa: Haven't you been listening?
[NAME]! This is no time to be joking around!

[I couldn't care less.]

Kai: Yeah, utterly unconcerned, that's you. You can afford to be indifferent since no one's accusing you of anything.
So why is no one impersonating you? Is it too much bother or something?

Gray: Hey, folks, what are you still doing here? I thought you'd be long gone by now.
Kai: Hello, Gray. What do you mean by that? How could we be "long gone"? We haven't accepted any jobs yet.
Gray: Now, now, quit pulling my leg. You folks just accepted a quest from me in person.
Sarisa: Huh?
Did someone register for a job?
Ogi: I have no recollection of doing that.
Sarisa: Uh oh.
The group that registered, did it have all of us except [NAME] in it?
Gray: Hm? Let me think... Now that you say it, you're right. I don't think I saw [NAME].
Sarisa: I knew it! Those are our impostors!
They're not getting away with this! How dare they pretend to be us and do all these bad things?

(Sarisa runs off toward the teleporter.)

Gray: Whoa! You folks seem really riled up. Care to explain what this is about?
Kai: I'll fill you in when we get back. I'm pretty steamed myself.
Ogi: Those scoundrels trampled all over our good names. They must be made to pay.
Let's go, [NAME]!

(Ogi follows in Sarisa's direction.)

Gray: Oh, by the way, I heard they found this interesting machine at the moon base...
Gone already! I wish they'd listened. Oh well.

(Use the teleport to Arca Plant. Upon entering the moon base, Sarisa furiously searches the immediate area.)

Sarisa: Hey! Where are you, you dirty impostors?
Kai: Cool it, Sarisa. Tone down the blood lust or they'll hear it in your voice and run.
Sarisa: It's not a problem. I'll drop them before they can get anywhere!
Kai: You're taking this pretty seriously.
Ogi: It seems they've built a sizeable lead on us.
We should track them by their trail. I will scout ahead, so you three wait here.
Sarisa: Thanks, Ogi. Please be sure to find them.
Ogi: Uh, yes. I will do that.

(Ogi begins his search.)

Kai: Sarisa, it's not like you to get so mad. Has something like this happened to you before?
Sarisa: No, it's not really like that, but...

[Do you feel violated?]

Sarisa: Yes. It's just as [NAME] said.

[Do you feel helpless?]

Sarisa: That's not it at all!

Sarisa: I'm not really angry that someone impersonated me. I feel violated because they used it to do bad things.
They pretended to be us because they knew that people in the city would trust us.
They took advantage of people's trust and trampled all over it!
They used my name, and the names of my friends, for something trivial and mean.
Kai: Then we've got to bear down, catch the perpetrators, and grill them good. You'll need to calm down to do that.
Sarisa: I know. I know that, but...
Argh, bleah! I am just so freaking outraged!

(Just then, an Ogi look-alike appears.)

Ogi: ...?!
Kai: Oh, hey, Ogi, that was quick. So, what's the game plan?
Ogi: ...G-Game plan?
Sarisa: You said you're going to scout for the impostors' trail. Did you find any clues or footprints?
Ogi: ...I-Impostors? Y-You people are the...?
Sarisa: Ogi, why are you acting so weird?
Ogi: ...Buh-bye!

(The look-alike runs away.)

Sarisa: Hey, wait, Ogi! Why are you running away?
Ogi: You called?
Sarisa: Huh? How did you manage to loop back behind us?
Ogi: Loop back behind? I only came back just now!
Sarisa: Didn't you just go running off that way?
Wait! Was that Ogi a fake?
Kai: I reckon that has to be it. That disguise was something else. We never even noticed the difference!
Sarisa: Let's not waste time! Ogi, did you find any clues, like maybe their footprints?
Ogi: Yes. They lead off in the direction you'd just pointed to, as a matter of fact.
Sarisa: Okay, everyone, we're on their trail!

(Appear in the basement. Fight the hostiles in the field and make your way to the stairs to the next area.)

Sarisa: *Gasp* *Gasp* We can't catch up!
Kai: Well, yeah. They had a fair head start on us.
And not just that, Ogi's fake took off running without a second glance at the security robots.
We, on the other hand, have to put every one of them down. It's no wonder we can't catch up easily.
Anyway, Sarisa, you're going at it too recklessly. Rest up for a while. I'll go scout in the meantime.
Sarisa: Okay, sorry.

(Kai wanders off.)

Ogi: So, my impostor... Was he really as convincing as you say?

[He looked identical to you.]

Sarisa: Yes, it's like [NAME] says. He had Kai and me fooled completely.

[He wasn't very convincing.]

Sarisa: Oh, as if! You were just as surprised as us, [NAME]. The impersonation was that good!

Ogi: The flawless nature of the mimicry is doubly confounding.
My head and body came from different units. That means there is another CAST with the same combination of parts.
Sarisa: I never thought of that. How did the impostor manage to look so convincing?
Ogi: Thinking about it now won't help. Everything should be revealed if we can only catch them.
Sarisa: That's true.

("Kai" wanders back.)

Kai: ...
Sarisa: Oh, hi, Kai. Welcome back. I got rested up while you were gone. Thank you for that.
Kai: ...
Sarisa: Kai?
Kai: Gimme some sugar!
Sarisa: Yikes!
Kai: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

("Kai" runs away.)

Sarisa: Hey, you sicko! Stop right there, Kai!

(Sarisa attempts to chase him but gets winded quickly.)

Sarisa: *Gasp* *Gasp* Keep running, you creep!
Kai: Hey Sarisa, what are you doing here? I told you to get some rest. What's with all the running?
Sarisa: You've got some nerve coming back!
Kai: Huh? Sarisa? What are you going on about?
Sarisa: Justice is served!

(Sarisa violently slaps and beats Kai.)

Kai: Hey! What'd I do to deserve that?

(Kai falls over.)

Ogi: I was too late.
Sarisa, that wasn't Kai earlier. He must've been the impostor.
The one you've just laid out... That's the real Kai.
Sarisa: Huh?
Ogi: That impostor, while he looked to be identical, was unlike Kai in details such as gestures and expressions.
That, on the ground, is the real thing. The one that got impertinent with you is the impostor, and he is on the run.
Sarisa: Oh no! He's not getting away with this! I'm not in a forgiving mood!
I'll chase him, catch him and make him pay in ways he won't forget!

(Sarisa storms off.)

Kai: Can I maybe get a "sorry" here?

(Engage monsters in the dock area. Continue up to the next area and subdue creatures in the main plant.)

(As you enter the room with the boss teleporter...)

Ogi: First my impostor, then Kai's...
Though I at first found it hard to believe, with mimicry so flawless, I can see how others might be taken in.
Kai: Will you quit being so impressed? Look, I already took one flying kick from one of our own for that.
Sarisa: Uh, er, um... I'm sorry about that.
Kai: Tch!
From the sounds of it, neither my nor Ogi's fake was anything like us, personality-wise at least.
I wonder what Sarisa's fake is like.
Sarisa: Hm... The personalities of the fakes were a lot different. Opposite, even.
In my case, I'd think the impostor would be really brash and boisterous. Not serene like me.
Kai: Aw, no way! Not a chance!
Ogi: If serenity were to be a descriptor for Sarisa, then no words could ever serve justice for our modesty.
Sarisa: What did you just say?
Kai: You know what I think she'd be like? Someone about ten times cruder than the one we've got here.
Ogi: I would imagine her to speak sharper, with barbs in every utterance.
Sarisa: You can stop now. I have a very good idea about what you're trying to say.
Just you watch! You'll know who guessed right when we confront the faker!
The impostors have got to be up ahead. Let's move it!

(Appear back in the main plant. Use the teleporter and confront the impostors.)

"Sarisa": ...
Sarisa: There they are! Hey, you! You impostors! Stop right there!
"Sarisa": Oh rats! I can't believe you found us!
Kai: Bwa ha ha ha! She really does talk rough!
Sarisa: Kai, shut up! Hey, you rotten impostor! Don't talk like that with my face!
"Sarisa": What's with you? Brazenness is what you're known for. You got some kind of problem with that?
Sarisa: Don't say that with a smile! I'm a lot softer than that! Serene, even!
"Sarisa": Ha? You call yourself serene? Like, do people say that about themselves, ever?
And what've you got against smiling? Everyone showers me with kindness when I throw 'em a pretty little smile.
Especially your pretty little smile. Why, its effect is simply devastating. Cha-ching!
Everyone I talk to, they let down their guard and roll out the welcome mat. They must really trust you!
Sarisa: Hey, cut it out already! It was you people up to all the no good in the city, wasn't it?
"Sarisa": So what if it was? Those nitwits we took in, they could only see the outside.
Those people couldn't tell the real from the fake. They don't know what your real worth is at all!
Sarisa: Don't say bad things about those people! The scammer is always the one who's wrong, no matter what!
Kai: Erm, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that faker singing our praises instead of bad-mouthing us?
Ogi: What a coincidence. I'm of the same opinion.
The Sarisa impersonator's words, while undeniably crude, seem to have a very pure meaning.
"Sarisa": Tch! We're chasing tails! There's no time! Let's boogaloo, boys!
"Kai": Sure thing.
"Ogi": ...Okay.
Sarisa: Oh, hey! Hold it just a second there!
"Sarisa": Oh, buzz off! We'll be out of your hair in no time. Turn a blind eye, why don't you?

(The impersonators run off and a crash is heard.)

Sarisa: Huh. What's that sound?
Ogi: No! Stop it! Don't push buttons randomly!
Kai: Tch! Is it the security system? Why'd they have to activate that of all things?
Sarisa: ...

[Go to their rescue.]

Sarisa: Yes, I know.
We can't let them get slaughtered!

[Watch idly.]

Sarisa: ...
We can't. We can't let them get slaughtered!

(Engage Humilias in the central core.)

Sarisa: ...
"Kai": I apologize!
"Ogi": ...I'm really sorry.
"Sarisa": Hmph!

(Kai approaches the group.)

Kai: We're safe here. There aren't any more guard robots in the area. We can talk to our heart's content.
Sarisa: Thanks, Kai.
The likeness is uncanny. How did you manage to disguise yourself so well?
"Sarisa": There's a machine in the back that does that.
Sarisa: A machine?
"Sarisa": We only just found it recently. This machine, it transforms you into your hero, whoever that is.
Its effect wears off quick, so we had to come back regularly and transform over and over.
But the machine's wrecked now. It got trashed in that last fight.
Sarisa: So? Why did you do those nasty things to the people in the city?
"Sarisa": They had it coming!
"Ogi": Those people must mistake you for handymen or something. They were so rude asking for all sorts of favors...
"Kai": Yes, that really choked us up.
"Sarisa": And, yeah, we weren't stealing, honest! We were gonna give everything back eventually for sure!
We just wanted to see what it'd be like to be you.
We had to get money together so we could pack weapons like you.
We wanted our own Mags like you!
We wanted to be useful to the people in the city.
Yeah, we knew we blew it big time. We went way overboard, but we really were going to repay everyone.
We just wanted to be heroes while our machine was still working.
Sarisa: ...
Kai: Hey, Sarisa. These punks screwed up, but...
Sarisa: Yes, I know, Kai. I understand.
Go home. Go back to the city right now and apologize to everyone you conned.
"Sarisa": Huh? You're letting us go?
Ogi: If that's what Sarisa wants, I will abide by it.
You said the transformation is temporary. We hope you will go explain and apologize before it wears off.
Kai: If you can vouch for our innocence, I don't plan on making waves over this. You feel the same way, right, Sarisa?
Sarisa: I haven't forgiven anything. I think it's a rotten thing to do, tricking people by impersonating us.
But if we were to punish you without giving you another chance, I would be just like Mother Trinity.
That's why I want you to properly apologize to everyone.
I don't care about proving my innocence, but apologize to people for betraying their trust.
"Sarisa": Trust, huh?

(A little later...)

Kai: You let them off the hook lightly. What was up? Were you that flattered they called you a hero?
Sarisa: That's not it. I just understood them a little, that's all.
Ogi: What did you understand?
Sarisa: I used to look up to heroes, too. Like in books and in legends.
If people look up to us in the same way, I don't have the right to stop them from trying to emulate me.
Of course, there's no justifying a bad thing, so it's only natural that they apologize for it.

[I understand how you feel.]

Sarisa: Yes, you get it, too. Everyone has heroes they look up to.
They just expressed their feelings in the worst way.

[You're too lenient.]

Sarisa: Heh heh! You could be right. The hero in my favorite book had a real soft touch. Maybe I copied her.

Kai: Well, all's well and all that, right? Let's head back to the city and check up on this.

[Quest cleared!] (Appear back in the central core.)

(Return back to Dairon City with the teleporter and walk into the Hunter's Guild.)

Millio: Hey, they're back!
I'm sorry! Sorry, big guy! I didn't know it was an impostor! Sorry I blamed you!
Kai: Yeah, yeah, all right. No worries. There's no way anyone could've noticed. Their disguises were too good.
Ohyo: Ogi, I don't know how I could possibly make this up to you.
I mistakenly said a terrible thing to you. I humbly beg your forgiveness.
Ogi: Sir, please raise your head. This has been a good lesson for us, too.
It's certainly not a matter for you to feel any guilt over whatsoever.
Lindow: I am so sorry, Sarisa. There must be something wrong with me.
How could I ever mistake an impostor for the real you?
Sarisa: Please, it's nothing, Ms. Lindow. Even we couldn't tell them apart. They were that good.
Yes, everything is good between us. There's no hard feelings at all.
Kai: Sounds like those punks went and apologized properly. Everyone seems to understand it wasn't us.
Sarisa: Yes, I'm glad they believed them. They weren't really bad people after all. They just got carried away.

(Gray approaches everyone.)

Gray: Hey, there you are, [NAME]. I've been looking for you.
Oh, hey, Sarisa and company are with you too? I didn't see you with them before.
Sarisa: Oh, right, Gray. That would be our impostors.
They apologized to the guild and you, didn't they?
Gray: Huh?
What are you talking about? You came and collected your reward...
Kai: Huh?
Gray: Yeah, Sarisa, you handed me a note for me to pass onto [NAME]. You don't remember?
Here you go, [NAME]. Actually, since its writer is with you, it's probably meaningless now.
Anyway, I'm off!

(Gray walks off.)

Sarisa: Wh-What? [NAME], can I see that letter?
Let's see...
"Thanks for the dough! And the inspiration!"
Ogi: They got us good. As impersonations go, their logic is hard to fault.
Kai: Since they didn't impersonate you, [NAME], your share of the reward is untouched.
We don't know what they look like pre-transformation, so we couldn't track them down even if we wanted.
Ha ha! They stuck it right to us, didn't they? I've got to hand it to them.
Sarisa: Ugh!
Those jerks! Don't they know the meaning of trust?

[Report on quest.]

[This is your reward: (Refer to the reward section)]
[Your quest report is completed.]


Quest Name Difficulty Ranking Reward
2 Sets of Heroes Normal ★★★☆☆☆☆ Harisen (0% additional stats)
3,000 Meseta
Hard ★★★★★★ Goof Swatter (0% additional stats)
6,000 Meseta
Super ★★★★★★★ Goof Swatter (+30 Accuracy Adj.)
12,000 Meseta
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